Monday, January 4, 2010

A week to go

I leave in a week. 1 Week. 7 days. And I'm not ready. But that's ok, cause I don't think I'll ever really be ready for study abroad, it's just gonna happen. I've started setting aside stuff that I'm bringing. I don't know how I'm gonna fit all the clothes in, even while paying for a second piece of luggage. I now have a bigger backpack for like weekend trips, my parents got me and my brother one for Christmas (he's going to Germany for a few days next summer). We'll see if I use it, I hope I will.
Anyways, just a few more days. We have some cool orientation stuff, according to the sheet they sent with the Pre-Departure Package. Stuff like touring the Chelsea soccer stadium and a boat tour. There are definitely things to look get excited about. Like me only having to take three classes, that's still considered full time by them. This is partially nice because hopefully I can see more of London, but also because I'll be taking 300 and 400 level classes over there, which is another thing I'm slightly worried about. But, we'll figure all that out when I get over there. For now I have to figure out what I'm bringing (should I bring sheets, a towel...), so a few decisions for me to make.
I'm going though, and that's the important part.

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  1. Love the blog - would you consider giving me administrator privileges so that I could set up your blog with labels,calendar etc. I promise I won't mess it up