Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I'm writing this at about 7:45 in the morning. I woke up about 5:45 and have slept on and off since then. Against the advice my mom gave me before I left, I laid down a few times yesterday, and so I think that threw my sleep off. Our room is also very warm, and I don’t think we can turn down the heat. We’ve left a window open, which has helped, but that also lets noise in.

Most of the day yesterday went to getting orientated (is that a word?).

I went on a walking tour of the area I'm in, Kensington. Apparently the homes across the street are really really expensive. I also found out that TS Eliot lived very close to here, and apparently Dustin Hoffman has a place close by. The number of nice cars I spotted around here is just crazy: most people in this neighborhood seem to drive either a Mercedes or BMW, with a few Porsche's thrown in there. Seriously, it seems like every other car (not counting cabs) is one of those makes. I also saw a Ferrari and a Rolls-Royce Phantom, and someone pointed out an old Rolls-Royce to me.

We stopped in St. Mary Abbot's Church, which I believe the lady said was built for William and Mary originally, when they built the palace here. The lady also pointed out the Catholic Church near here (I had found one online, but this is closer I think). It’s actually a Carmelite church, and I think the Carmelites is an order of nuns.

At the end of the tour we went to an orientation meeting

Today on the agenda is meeting with the class advisor (actually I just did that, I'm posting this later than I wrote most of it), going on a bus tour of London, and getting some supplies. I woke up this morning and saw snow (not much of it, but it was still there) on the ground, so we’ll see if London still panics even with the amount of snow they’ve had these past few weeks.


  1. So now I'm definitely coming to visit!!! But only if you can get me a ride in one of those Porsche's. I'm glad you're getting settled... it will take a while for the jet lag and the "orientation" to sink in. We love you!!!!!'

    Aunt MB

  2. Thanks. Mom wants to visit too, haha you could probably come with her. Hmm, if I owned a car like that I'd give you a ride, heck you could drive it. But sadly that's not the case.
    Yeah I've been catching up with the jet lag, it'll just take time. Love you too.

  3. Kensington is beautiful - you are lucky to be in the area - have fun exploring