Thursday, January 28, 2010


I just got back from a little bit of walking. There are some really great streets around here, with large townhouses on either side of the road in most cases. The other day I walked from the dorm to around the Notting Hill Tube Station (yes Notting Hill like the movie) which when I looked it up was about .75 miles. Gets me that last bit of energy for the day, and I get to see some more of Kensington.

Last Sunday I went to Westminster Cathedral, which is the largest Catholic Church in London. It was big, obviously, but there were some differences in the Mass. During one I went to (they have six Masses on Sunday, and then a Saturday vigil) they sung some of the parts in Latin, so it was hard to keep participating. The Cathedral has a full-time, paid, choir, which was pretty cool.
There's more on their website: Westminster Cathedral

Tomorrow I am going to some palace, not sure which one it was, but I'll find out tomorrow. And then next weekend is Paris! Although I have a presentation (bad decision to sign up for that one) the day after, so I'll have some work to do this weekend.

Hope everyone's doing well.


  1. Paris is fantastic - you made the right choice! I'm glad to see you have the right perspective on this study abroad gig. You can practice your presentation on the way back - I'm sure you'll ace it.

    Mrs. Riley

  2. Thanks Mrs. Riley. Yeah, I'm definitely gonna be looking the presentation over going back and forth. Hope you're doing well all the way over there in VA