Friday, January 29, 2010

Banqueting House

I had a really difficult time falling asleep last night. In the end I was out probably around 3:30, and then got up about 9. But, still had a relatively successful day.

On the schedule for today was a visit to the Banqueting House. They started building it in 1619 (I looked most of this up on Wikipedia, I forgot the stuff that was on the video we watched), and has had various renovations since then. The second floor is a large room, with an amazing painted ceiling. The room is still used today for banquets.

It was attached to a palace that burned down. Now, it is located very close to the Ministry of Defence building, a very intimidating building, if there is such a thing.

After that, it didn't take very long to get through the building once we (I went with three other people) found the place, we went to lunch around Piccadilly Circus. Well, we tried to find a place to have lunch. Eventually we landed at Chinese place, and did take out. It was ok food, but I was just glad to have something to eat.

Tomorrow is probably going to mostly be work, as next weekend is the planned trip to Paris. We got our itineraries, and our room assignments. Should be fun.

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