Monday, January 18, 2010

First week is almost done

So I've almost gotten through (maybe not the best term, it sounds like it's not been fun) a full week here. I think I'm finally over the jet lag, I'm not in a haze now, which is a good thing.

Yesterday I saw the Chelsea Football Stadium (real football):

It was awesome. They have some great players there: Terry, Lampard, and Drogba. The first two have massage chairs reserved for them in the locker room.

Later I went on a picnic in the Kensington Gardens, not really gardens but more of a park:

I even went on a Jack the Ripper tour Friday night, which I found pretty interesting. Of course at one part, we made a turn into a small, dark alleyway, and some kid pops out of a door there, completely scaring me.

We did a boat tour Friday night (more of a booze cruise, but I managed to have fun and grab some pictures, although obviously not this one):

Today is the first day of classes, and thankfully my 9 am teacher couldn't be here today, so I got to sleep in a little. Which reminds me I went to church yesterday, and it felt just like home. Although the church itself is bigger:

To get to all of the pictures here's a link to the Facebook albums I've uploaded so far:

Thanks for reading everyone. Any comments, suggestions, offers of money or free trips can go below this.


  1. Cool Patrick, you'll have to show me around when I come in April or May

  2. so are you going to become an avid fan of chelsea? I don't know if I like that

  3. Haha ok whoever that is, do you have a name?

    And Nils, I dunno, I haven't really decided. If I go to a game I might grab a jersey. I play with Juventes in FIFA. Are you a Man U fan?

  4. No! Absolutely Not. I love Arsenal, but Everton does have Landon Donovan, so I might need to represent for the good USA. I might be American and cheer for two teams, except when the two play I'll cheer for Arsenal.

  5. Oh haha ok. I think Arsenal isn't too far either. I'm really close to Chelsea, so that's why we saw their stadium. Hmmm, guess I'm gonna have to pick a team. Yeah it's nice to see an American playing over here in Europe.