Friday, May 29, 2009

Why I'm doing this

Alright guys, so this is basically where I want to talk about my study abroad experience. Maybe no one will read it, but hey, hopefully it'll keep me focused on my goal: to go somewhere other than the United States, attend a University, and travel. Really the basic choice is to go to Europe. It's relatively small, has good public transportation, and hopefully will be relatively close to America so that it won't be crazy. But the big question is where to go within Europe. Right now I'm thinking either England or Italy, and possibly France. The classes of course have to be in English. Some of the countries, like Spain, just don't interest me because of the language issues, and aren't places I particularly want to live in. So I have to decide that, and what program I want to do, and what school I want to go to, because I want to take certain classes. It's a lot to figure out. But I'm getting my passport renewed soon, so that I have that ready. Anyways, any thoughts on this whole thing would be cool. I think you can comment on the posts??