Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We Will Rock You - Queen musical- try to see before you come home

We Will Rock You at Dominion Theatre

We Will Rock You in London is the musical with Queen’s greatest hits. Buy your tickets for We Will Rock You in London here – with DISCOUNT!

Queen’s musical will rock you to the core and make you Ga Ga for more!

Queen’s musical ‘We Will Rock You’ is a rocking good musical. It’s a guaranteed theatre success as it features 31 of Queen’s greatest hits.

In We Will Rock You globalisation is already complete and permeates every layer of society. Everywhere, young people watch the same movies, wear the same clothes and think the same thoughts. It is a safe and happy Ga Ga world. Unless you're a rebel. Unless you want to rock. The story of We Will Rock You The Musical takes place on the planet Mall, where all musical instruments are banned. The company’s computers generate the music and everybody downloads it. It is the era of boy and girl bands. But resistance is growing....

We Will Rock You includes no less than 31 of Queen’s greatest hits, including 'Killer Queen', 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love', 'We Are The Champions', 'Bohemian Rhapsody', 'Radio Ga Ga' and of course 'We Will Rock You'. You are sure to have a fantastic evening in the company of We Will Rock You and we can almost certainly guarantee that you will be looking forward to a repeat performance again and again and again and.......

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  1. great idea - go to this Patrick!